Barre Classes

For the latest in fun workout programmes, try bootybarre© at On Pointe Studio

Barre classes Christchurch
Bootybarre class Christchurch
Wondering what bootybarre© is?

Now is the time to find out at On Pointe Studio in Christchurch

Bored with pumping weights at the gym? bootybarre© (pronounced boo-tee-bar), or barre for short, at On Pointe Studio in Christchurch could be the answer.

So what is bootybarre©? bootybarre© combines Pilates, ballet and yoga, and uses the ballet barre for an all-over body workout done to music. Not just an exercise craze, barre is a fun and effective way to get fit, improve your posture, and achieve a calmer mind and greater overall well-being.

On Pointe Studio has a dedicated following of clients who attend our classes and are achieving great workout results from barre. Come and see for yourself – check out the membership options at our wellness studio, and then contact us to book a barre exercise class or one of our Pilates reformer classes. 

Find a barre exercise class that suits you at On Pointe Studio

Our extensive range of bootybarre© exercise classes means you’ll find one that suits you, your exercise requirements and your timetable. On Pointe Studio offers classes throughout the day, which makes them a great way to break up your work schedule with a lunchtime or afternoon workout.

Bootybarre plus class

bootybarre® PLUS

A high-energy class that combines Pilates, dance and yoga with cardio at the barre. Easy to follow, this class is known to burn calories!

Mat Pilates class Christchurch

bootybarre® Flex & Flow

Incorporating movements inspired by reformer Pilates, this class uses an exercise band to achieve strength training and total body sculpting. Unlike bootybarre® PLUS, there is no cardio component.

Bootybarre class Christchurch

bootybarre® SCULPT

Described as a “dynamic total body workout”, SCULPT uses the bootybarre® cuff – a strap that helps you achieve fluid movements and allows you to easily improve your strength and flexibility.

Cardio Barre Class

Cardio Barre

Think Bootybarre on steroids! Wear your sneakers for this sweat dripping workout.

Helping clients throughout Christchurch

Safe, fun and effective workouts

Fully qualified bootybarre© instructors

Ongoing programme changes – so you won’t get bored

Pilates and barre studio christchurch
Barre Classes

On Pointe Studio is the leader in barre exercise classes

On Pointe Studio owner Lyndal Woodham was the first to bring bootybarre© to Christchurch in 2013, just after the birth of her fourth child. In 2015, Lyndal became a New Zealand bootybarre©Master Trainer.

All our teachers are fully trained and certified bootybarre© instructors. Our team is highly skilled and passionate about making your bootybarre© experience productive and enjoyable. It is our aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for your bootybarre© workout.

To keep you inspired and prevent your fitness from plateauing, the bootybarre© workouts are regularly updated with new and challenging exercises

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