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The home of bootybarre©and Pilates classes, including reformer, On Pointe Studio delivers a range of group and private classes to suit your lifestyle, timetable and budget.

Pronounced boo-tee-bar, bootybarre© or barre for short is a fun all-over body workout to music that utilises a ballet barre and combines Pilates, ballet and yoga. Choose from a range of classes to suit all fitness levels, including bootybarre Plus, Flex & Flow, Sculpt, and Cardio Barre.

For a twist on classic Pilates, try our reformer classes. These use a special machine that combines a sliding carriage with bars and straps to achieve a full-body workout.

Mat Pilates involves just you and your mat. Your core muscles are worked and your body is utilised as the main piece of equipment. The perfect place to start.

Utilising our Pilates apparatus (cadillac, wunda chair, spine corrector and reformer) its a circuit style class with the added cardio element between stations. A great way to experience all the fun apparatus we use during private sessions.

A 30 minute workout using bodyweight only. It is high intensity interval training so wear sneakers and expect to sweat.

A gentle flow to generate a moving meditation focus in the body, breath and internal focus. Shifting into deep stretches to create ease and softening in the body.

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