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Small group and private Pilates classes in Christchurch

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Why Mat Pilates?

On Pointe Studio offers small group and private Pilates classes in Christchurch

Pilates classes are a great way to stretch and strengthen your body, while exercising a range of muscles to leave you feeling rejuvenated. At On Pointe Studio, we offer Mat Pilates, where your core muscles are worked and your body is utilised as the main piece of equipment. We teach using the BASI Pilates® philosophies, with an emphasis on excellence, high standards and hard work.

If you’re new to Pilates, this is the place to start. As the name implies, mat Pilates involves just you and your mat. Borrowing moves from dance, yoga and classic calisthenics, mat Pilates stretches and strengthens your body, primarily the core muscles, which span from the hips to the shoulders. 

Focusing on building strength, mat Pilates is a great way for clients of all ages to maintain muscle conditioning and to prevent falls and injuries in older clients. 
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Our mat Pilates classes are the perfect place to start

Our Pilates trainers are fully qualified and will adapt the class to make sure you are gaining maximum benefit from your workout. On Pointe Studio also offers one-on-one private Pilates classes to get you started or to improve your technique.
Hesitant about trying Pilates? On Pointe Studio offers a non-threatening and supportive setting for newbies as well as regulars for both reformer and mat Pilates. Contact us to find out more.

Key benefits of Pilates classes include:


Pilates stretches and strengthens your muscles, improving your suppleness, so you can undertake your normal daily activities with greater ease.

Postural strength

A Pilates class not only strengthens your core muscles, which has benefits for your back, but also requires your body to be in perfect alignment, which helps improve your posture.

Muscle tone

Work out muscles you didn’t know you had and improve your all-over strength.


With a focus on breathing in conjunction with movement, Pilates is a great way to take your mind off your everyday worries and promote an overall sense of calm.


As a gentle, all-over body workout that improves your blood circulation through a combination of movement and breathing, Pilates leaves you feeling invigorated.

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