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On Pointe Studio is a dedicated bootybarre©, Pilates and yoga studio in Christchurch that focuses on the total health and well-being as well as the exercise and fitness of clients. We offer a welcoming, calm and supportive space for women and men aged from their teens to their 60s to move their bodies and have fun.

On Pointe Studio is owned by Lyndal Woodham. With a team of qualified and experienced instructors, our aim is to provide quality exercise classes and, equally, to look after clients individually to ensure you are achieving your exercise and health goals – and enjoying the experience.

Do yourself and your health a favour, and consider a barre exercise class or one of our Pilates reformer classes. If you’ve never experienced a Mat Pilates class then you are missing out! Book an appointment for a private 1:1 to start kicking your goals, or visit us at 84 Peterborough Street, Christchurch.

Why On Pointe?

- Welcoming, supportive environment

- Classes to suit your lifestyle, timetable & budget

- Holistic approach to health

- Focus on total health and well-being

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What we offer

On Pointe Studio offers small group fitness classes - Pilates focused.

On Pointe Studio delivers cutting-edge exercise programmes and stays ahead of the fitness curve.

bootybarre©: For a fun and effective workout, bootybarre© combines dance, Pilates and yoga. On Pointe Studio is the first exercise studio to offer bootybarre© in Christchurch, and all our teachers are certified bootybarre© instructors. Clients rave about our classes and get great workout results from barre.

Reformer Pilates: Using a purpose-built machine and Pilates exercises, our reformer Pilates classes achieve the perfect resistance for your body. On Pointe Studio is the first to bring reformer Pilates to Christchurch.

Mat Pilates: Just you and your mat, mat Pilates draws on dance, yoga and classic calisthenics. Our Pilates trainers have designed classes that get results.

Private Sessions: One on one or duet sessions tailored to your specific needs using a range of Pilates equipment. These sessions are a great introduction to Pilates and our equipment.

Wellness retreats at exotic locations around the world

On Pointe Studio has recently started offering wellness retreats for small groups at respected international health spas. Our retreats are open to everyone, not just clients.

Retreats provide an opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation. They include:

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Online memberships launched!

Workout in the comfort of your own home with our brand new online membership. Join today to access special introductory pricing.