Reformer Pilates

For a new challenge, try reformer Pilates classes at On Pointe Studio

Reformer Pilates class Christchurch
Reformer Pilates Christchurch
Why reformer Pilates?

Take your training to another level with reformer Pilates

On Pointe Studio offers the first reformer Pilates group classes in Christchurch. Similar to mat Pilates, reformer Pilates utilises a purpose-built machine, consisting of a sliding carriage rigged with springs, bars and straps.

The reformer machine is extremely versatile, allowing many different types of workout programmes that will continually challenge your mind and your body, so you’ll never get bored or stagnate. The sliding carriage allows you to lie, kneel, stand and sit throughout the workout, while the resistance of the pulley and spring system offers more resistance than a tradition Pilates class and greater attention on specific muscle groups. You achieve better posture and coordination in the class, while the cables guarantee a full range of motion, resulting in greater body tone and core strength. You’re guaranteed to feel the benefits fast.

Reformer Pilates classes run for 55 minutes and are limited to five clients per session. This ensures the instructor can give you the personalised attention to ensure you are doing the exercises safely and effectively.

Please note socks are to be worn during all reformer classes. Grip socks can be purchased at the counter.

Contact us to find out more or check out our membership deals now. Note Reformer classes can now be booked for two locations.
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Small group and private Pilates classes in Christchurch

Pilates classes are a great way to stretch and strengthen your body, while exercising a range of muscles to leave you feeling rejuvenated. At On Pointe Studio, we offer mat Pilates, as well as Reformer Pilates, where we use the Reformer machine to fully extend your range of motion and leave you feeling well exercised. We teach using the BASI Pilates® philosophies, with an emphasis on excellence, high standards and hard work.

Our Pilates trainers are fully qualified and will adapt the class to make sure you are gaining maximum benefit from your workout. On Pointe Studio also offers one-on-one private Pilates classes to get you started or to improve your technique.

Hesitant about trying Pilates? On Pointe Studio offers a non-threatening and supportive setting for newbies as well as regulars for both reformer and mat Pilates. Contact us to find out more.

Key benefits of Pilates classes include:


Pilates stretches and strengthens your muscles, improving your suppleness, so you can undertake your normal daily activities with greater ease.

Postural strength

A Pilates class not only strengthens your core muscles, which has benefits for your back, but also requires your body to be in perfect alignment, which helps improve your posture.

Muscle tone

Work out muscles you didn’t know you had and improve your all-over strength.


With a focus on breathing in conjunction with movement, Pilates is a great way to take your mind off your everyday worries and promote an overall sense of calm.


As a gentle, all-over body workout that improves your blood circulation through a combination of movement and breathing, Pilates leaves you feeling invigorated.

Private reformer pilates class
I highly recommend On Pointe studio. I joined over a year ago using the two week promotion and have been going ever since. I began by taking 2 - 3 classes a week and have built up to an average of 5 classes. All the classes work every part of my body and I have gradually built up my strength, balance, fitness and overall confidence. The teaching team are a wonderful group of women who are friendly and helpful.

Anne-Marie Bootherstone

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